Bathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove

In life and especially real estate, space is an absolute premium. Basement finishing your Downers Grove home adds value to your home but also utility. The extra room to socialize, relax, entertain, and additional storage can be infinitely beneficial for the entirety of your residency. Every homeowner has different tastes and requests and Misty Harbor Builders has heard and seen them all so you’d be hard-pressed to shock us. For a full-service concept and design, we can do that to. Just let us know how much or little input you’d like and we will work with you.

For more information on basement finishing with a Misty Harbor Builders contractor, give us a call today at 708-372-1689. Our contractors and designers can work with your space for the best flow through a room, storage, entertaining and utilities enclosures or camouflage. Making a list of must-haves is common to get the ball rolling on any construction project. Even upgrading utilities or electrical before the space is finished to save later on is a good thing to consider.

Getting the Best Basement Finishing Options

Depending on your needs, the needs of your family, or the needs of anyone residing in the home, a useable space is always ideal. Here a few common requests we get that you may want to add to your list of must-haves:

WorkShop Space – extra outlets, brighter lighting, upgrade in power to the house to run larger tools, built in storage solutions, soundproofing, fireproofing, sound systems, computer accessibility, television or computer monitor mounting

Seasonal Storage Space – indoor and outdoor decorations, built in or floor standing racks or shelves, dehumidifier to keep heirloom decorations safe from moisture

Safe Room – secure space with reenforced walls, doors, weapons storage, prepper storage, supplies, and tamper proof communication solutions

Vaults for Valuables – fire, water, and burglar proof safes attached securely to the walls, foundation, or floors, great for jewelry, hunting or self-defense rifle storage safes

Media Room – extra outlets and wiring for speakers, soundproofing, adjustable lighting, motor mounts for screens or mounting projectors or large screen TVs

Indoor Kids Climbing Areas – for in-home day care providers or personal use, reenforces studs, steel beams for hanging apparatus, extra padding under carpets

Computer Gaming Rooms – additional networking outlets, server storage / cooling solutions, adjustable lighting, additional outlets and wiring for speakers

Security Systems Control Center – CCTV video DVR, perimeter alarm controls, exterior and interior light controls, backup power options, tamper proof communications solutions

Luxury Bathrooms – large tub, oversized or dual sinks, extra lighting, steam shower, dry sauna

Additional bedrooms – egress windows, closet size, built-in shelving, TV or sound wiring, wi-fi or CAT-5/6 wall outlets, consider a private bathroom as well

Entertaining Space (bar / counter seating) – additional plumbing for a sink, CO2 for bar spout or kegerator, peninsula bar with overhang for seating, pre-wire for speakers for music or TV

Exercise Space – mirrored walls, reenforced floors, shower, reenforced wall studs for hanging heavy equipment or weight storage, additional wiring for speakers

Spa / Sauna / Massage Suite – hot tub, drainage, water supplies, ventilation, extra electrical, emergency shut offs, adjustable lighting, adjustable thermostat

Get Started on Your Basement Finishing Project in Downers Grove

Contact Misty Harbor Builders today at 708-372-1689 to schedule a consultation and a visit to get things started. After an initial inspection of the space, a few measurements, and some deep dive discussions on what you want out of the space, we can start planning. We can work with a private designer or our own design team can offer excellent insights to get the best space possible.

We look forward to working with you on your basement finishing project.



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