Our Process

Quality Construction Services

We start the process of building your new construction home with a meeting to create your dream home with a wish list. We understand that building a new home is complicated and try to help streamline the process for you. We work right alongside you to determine each aspect of the process and ensure that even the minutest detail is give due thought and process. Everything on the wish list may not come to fruition because of budget or practicality, but we are there to help you make an informed decision.

Building your dream home should be exactly that ‘a dream’. We are there to help this come to fruition ensuring that the journey is an enjoyable one and one that leaves you with a truly unique home of the highest quality, totally accommodating to lifestyle and daily routine.

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Initial Design

The Design of your home continues when we sit down with the Architect and begin working with your wish list, determining where dream starts and finishing with a home that is uniquely yours. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with a number of different Architects that offer a range designs to suit individual lifestyles and tastes.


This is the planning part of the journey and we feel our strong suit. It is here we give you a construction schedule showing the process in detail with a list of selections that will need to be made and when they should be made to keep the process as smooth and enjoyable as it can be.

Construction and Build

Construction, this is where the dream starts to become the reality. Acting as our own General contractor we ensure that a clean and safe environment is maintained on the site project at all times. We visit the project daily ensuring that everything is going to schedule and specifications are met.


After the completion of your home is complete we offer complete peace of mind with our One year warranty and a homeowner’s manual giving details on each of your new homes plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical systems work. The manual give tips on preventive maintenance and when and where seasonal adjustments need to be made and what to look out for.